Where to buy Finnviini’s Wines

Inside Finland

In Finland, only Alko and licensed viinitilas can sell bottles of wine to private individuals. Finnviini is a licensed wine producer, but not a viinitila.  So we cannot sell except to licensed businesses such as restaurants or bars.  Those businesses can order our wines directly from us, or can get bottles of Sametti, Valokki or Vaapukka through Metro Wholesale, which distributes those wines.

Private individuals can purchase bottles of Sametti and Valokki directly from Alko.  These two wines are stocked in many Alko stores as they are part of the special Suomi 100 selection for 2017.  Through late December, Kaamos will also be available as part of Alko's Seasonal Christmas selection.  We are attempting to get more wines into Alko, and will give notice when additional products are available.

Outside of Finland

At the moment, we are in discussions with several potential importers for various countries.  We are attempting to establish a network of distributors, and any company that are interested in representing us in their home countries should contact us:


Finnviini’s Story


We are two immigrants who fell in love with Finland and its culture.  Inspired by the pride Finns take in the craftsmanship of Finnish products, we set out to determine if the pure Finnish nature could produce exceptional wines.  After years of experimentation with a variety of berries and other local ingredients, we felt we had found something special to share.

Finnviini Oy was granted a license to produce wines in July 2014.  Small scale production batches were started soon thereafter using space rented at the Lepaa Winery in Hattula. 

Finnviini Oy specializes in alcoholic celebration beverages made from Finnish berries and other high quality ingredients.