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Kaamos Finnviini - old label

Lingonberry and Honey Glögi

Kaamos can be served warmed or chilled as an aperitif. Brighter, lighter in body, less sweet and fresher than a traditional glögi. Made with lingonberries, honey and traditional glögi spices.

Winery Process

Kaamos is naturally fermented, not fortified like most alcoholic Glögis being sold. We figure, adding vodka to juice concentrate sounds (and tastes) too much like what you’d expect at a bad university party. No thank you.

Instead, we take a more challenging but better tasting route. Using difficult to ferment Finnish lingonberries, we use our own specially developed method to coax the yeast into producing just the right level of alcohol.

We then add spices, sweeten with Finnish honey, and age for at least a month before filtering and bottling.

Glögi details

  • 5% alcohol
  • 50cl clear screw top bottles
  • Sugar is 13% (semi-sweet)
  • Clear red in color