Raspberry dessert wine

To sip after a meal or with a dessert. Very rich, with a tartness from the berries that balances the sugars and cuts through sweetness in the mouth.

Great with chocolate. Or cheesecake. Or chocolate. Or pastries.

Did we mention that it really goes well with chocolate?

Winery Process

Most berry wines are diluted with a high percentage of water. Not Vaapukka where the majority of the liquid volume is pressed from the berries themselves. Fermented cool to create a rich, concentrated flavor and preserve the fresh aroma of the raspberries.

The wine is then pressed off the solids, and aged in tanks for at least four months before being filtered and bottled.

Wine details

  • 12.5% alcohol
  • Sugar is 14% (sweet)
  • 35cl clear bottles with glass closures
  • Deep ruby color
  • Best served at cellar temperature 10-13°C

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