Cloudberry dessert wine

There is no fruit that better expresses the unique spirit of Lapland than cloudberries, and Valokki captures that brilliantly in a wine. Sip it when enjoying traditional Finnish desserts. It goes especially well with leipäjuusto or pancakes.

Winery Process

Grapes are the only fruit that naturally contains every element needed to produce great wine when it is picked, but cloudberries are surprisingly close. We need to compensate for the lower-than-ideal sugar content and adjust the acid, but we can then ferment and process Valokki very similar to how a grape wine is done. By using a high concentration of cloudberries per liter, Valokki achieves a stronger and richer cloudberry flavor than other wines or liquors.

After fermentation is complete, the wine is aged in tanks for four months before being filtered and bottled.

Wine details

  • 10.5% alcohol
    Available in Alko stores throughout Finland - for a limited time only!
  • Sugar is 14% (sweet)
  • 35cl clear bottles with glass closures
  • Clear golden color
  • Best served at cellar temperature 10-13°

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