Taste sensations from the arctic

We make internationally recognized, award winning wines from Finnish berries and other high quality Nordic ingredients. We strive to capture the essence of the berries, and the spirit of the land where they grew in every bottle.

our wines

We make a wide variety of wines from the best ingredients north of the 60th latitude. Our portfolio includes berry dessert wines, dry wines, sparkling wines and spiced winter wines.


"Oon fani. Finnviini on yksi parhaista jutuista, mitä suomalaisessa alkoholituotannossa on vähään aikaan tapahtunut."

- Arto Koskelo - Viinistä ja ruoasta, Facebook 06.10.2017

our story

We are two immigrants who fell in love with Finland and its culture. Amazed by the quality of the ingredients found in Finnish forests, we transformed our winemaking hobby into a company with the aim of making some of the finest wines in the world.