Extra dry sparkling honey and cloudberry wine

A wine that is absolutely unique in the world.  We spent close to ten years learning how to process honey and berries into a fine sparkling wine, and only released Sointu in time to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence.  A special wine that harmoniously blends the flavors of honey and cloudberries for a special occasion.

Winery Process

We start with pure Finnish honey produced by an artisan apiary in Orimattila, and add just enough cloudberries to create a balance with the honey flavors.  No other sugars are used during the fermentation except honey and the small amount naturally present in the berries.

After the wine is fermented, it is allowed to clear in tanks for at least three months.  Then more honey and more yeast is added, and the wine is bottled where a secondary fermentation occurs.  After the secondary fermentation is completed, we age the wine on the lees in a cool cellar for at least one year before riddling and disgorging by hand.  A small dosage is then added to make the wine extra dry, and a cork and cage are installed.  The total process takes a minimum of 18 months.

Wine details

11.5% Alcohol
Residual sugar 15 g/l (Extra Dry)
75 cl clear bottles with natural corks
Clear golden color
Best served well chilled (4-6°C)